Ledyard is a pasteurized, soft-ripened sheep's milk cheese in the style of Robiola. Wrapped in grape leaves soaked in Deep Purple, a wheat beer made with Madison County Concord grapes. Lactic and funky,with a touch of barnyard.


Lorenzo is a pasteurized, Alpine style sheep’s milk cheese similar to raclette from Switzerland. The rind is washed with freshly-pressed cider from the good folks at Critz farm. Aged for four months, Lorenzo is savory, vegetal & nutty. 


Juvindale is a pasteurized, soft-ripened cow's milk cheese in the style of Reblochon. Named from where we source our cow's milk, Juvindale Farm, 4th generation dairy farmers renowned for their Holstein genetics. Young wheels are washed with Riesling wine from the Finger Lakes region, with a flavor that's bright with notes of creme fresh and just a touch of barnyard.

Rippleton is a pasteurized, washed-rind Sheep’s milk cheese in the style of a Taleggio. Washed with wort from our friends at Empire Brewing, Rippleton is robust, meaty and built for a pint!


Strawbridge is a pasteurized, lactic, bloomy-rind sheep's milk cheese. Similar to a triple creme, it is decadent, buttery and herbal. Enjoy with a glass of something bubbly!  


Lincklaen is a pasteurized, naturally-rinded cow's milk blue cheese. Pierced by hand and intensely veined blue, the flavor is not overwhelmingly piquant, with an aroma of mushrooms that complements a smokey flavor with notes of dark chocolate.